4days to go cant wait.Frontier City is supposed to do a press release about the new ride and show today.Rumors range from a family coaster to something like Batman the ride!Im excited ,I hope they do the rlease soon. 


Joyland book work

NEED JOYLAND PHOTOS FOR BOOK I’m going to be writing a book about Joyland. If anyone has photos of the park I could really use them. You could scan them and send them to me or I could arrange details to scan them myself and return them. I’m looking for anything from the Ottaways to present times (mostly older though), please include a date and if you’d like a description.
If you choose to scan the photos here are some publishers requirements:
1.300 DPI
2.output size at least 8 inches
3.grayscale (8-bit)
4.Save as TIFF.
Oh and I need your permission to use your photos.
I can’t wait to get started on this project. If you have any questions
please contact me.

Chris Cane
ccane@cox.netexplorer7004@ yahoo.com 11 days left to go till works done!!!!! CANT WAIT

work blah!

25 days to go! cant wait! the closer I get the more the days are dragging on,please let them pass quickly.with the end of my job comes a summer full of amusement parks ,day trips and hopefully lots of urban exploration.Oh and I’ll be getting my crappy old tattoos covered up.Cant Wait!

45 days 10 hrs 41 minutes till my time at LSI ends and Palco hell begins for those left behind.I’m ready though , Im going to start a home inventory business along with working for United first financial.

Looks like Frontier City is getting a suspende dlooping family coaster!cant wait.they started clearing the swinging six guns yesterday.


FC BbillboardHeres the billboard

work/Frontier City

At work blah!!!! 49 days 3hrs 43 minutes to go till termination.Yeah , cant wait!! Someone posted a pic of FC billboard , enjoy.to me it looks like a drop tower,could be a coaster though.

Frontier City / Work

A billboard went up at Frontier City that hints at the parks new ride.It shows a view looking down over a park and has the words”this year the bottom drops out”Probably a new drop tower or floor-less coaster.I cant wait , with my severance pay from work I’m going to get Season passes for my family.

On the work note :work sucks.Didn’t go today .I had a sore throat and there was a lot of ice on the roads.Guess it doesn’t matter anyway my jobs being outsourced and my last day is April 11Th.outsourcing of the American dream is a shame.No longer can you work for a company and expect anything but pay in return.The time when company’s offered job security , pensions and hope is over. 

I was brought up with a good work ethic. My father always did a good job and had no respect for those who didn’t.He was a sign painter who helped a local business get started from the ground up.When he could no longer paint he held a desk job for his remaining years.That kind of company to employee loyalty is gone in America.I guess we have to hit bottom before we can rebuild.